Thiago Leal

Just want you to know a little about me and how I started racing. I started riding when I was 16 years old and always wanted to race. In 2005 I decided to take the novice day at Jennings GP, Florida, its a great program they did back then, after that I just didn't have the money to be going to the track but I watched a lot youtube videos wishing I was out there riding. In 2010 I got a decent job and finally got a chance to do some trackdays I think I did about 5 trackdays total in 2010 and I was hooked. With the help of an ex-wera racer and friend "Shanon Ketchersid" guiding me to the right direction I finally made it to the grid in 2011 and I was in LOVE!! even though I didn't know anybody, I made friends very fast. The beginning of my race season in 2011 was very hard because I didn't know anything about suspension, what gear to use etc..., I just knew the basics "less brake and more throttle lol". But thanks to my good friend Bobby Stoker and Barry Campbell for taking me under their wings towards the last couple races of the season by showing me everything about racing, suspension, tire wear, tire pressure, and I can go on and on about it. They helped me get on the podium on all of them including the GNF. Moving foward, In 2012 I was bumped to expert and it was an amazing start, I raced in March and May but I got a good job in Las Vegas, NV and had to sell my bike and stop racing for the remaining of the year. Now we are here 2013!!! I'm back with a Yamaha R6 and ready to go fast again!!! Thank you for reading.



May 1 , 2013 by Thiago Leal

I decided to do a couple of WERA NATIONALS with the first race at Road Atlanta, Georgia. I am working very hard to get back in shape and to stay in race mode.